Recordings of The COINS 2022

February 28th

Laura Bojarskaitė – Nightlife of the Stars of the Brain – Astrocytes

James Hudspeth – Your Biological Hearing Aid

March 1st

Armando Azua-Bustos – Searching for Life in the Atacama Desert, the Driest, Oldest and Most Martian Place on Earth

Panel Discussion – The Significance of Students' Scientific Activity: Where Does Lithuania Stand?

Charles Cockell – Microbes in Space: Looking for Life and Human Settlement

Daniel Angerhausen – Aliens, Exoplanets and Astrobiology

March 2nd

Alexander George Bateman – Structure Predictions Transform Protein Family Classification

Panel Discussion – Happily Ever After: The Exciting Stories Behind Bio-startups

Regina Barzilay – Modeling Chemistry for Drug Discovery: Current State and Unsolved Challenges

March 3rd

Giedrius Gasiūnas – Harnessing the Diversity of CRISPR-Cas Proteins for Genome Editing

Panel Discussion – From a Cell to a Living Organ: Tissue Engineering = Future of the Medicine?

Edith Heard – The Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of X-Chromosome Inactivation in Female Mammals

Sir Fraser Stoddart – Artificial Molecular Machines: From Solution to Surfaces